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October 01, 2007

6P40 Quest is my personal quest to have a 6 Pack by the time I turn 40 years old which is in about 15 weeks from now. I am turning 40 on January 18, 2008. As a gift to my self I decided to l give my self a six pack.

In the process of achieving my gift, I will document my progress on this page. I will post update of my progress on a weekly basis; I will include my workout routine, diet, and supplements. I invite you to follow me as I go through my journey in the next 15 weeks. You can comment, ask questions about the program or send me words of encouragement if you like, you can do this by emailing me or by leaving a comment below.

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Workout Routine

Supportive Eating - I know the key to my success is having the right Macronutrients and consuming it when my body needs it the most.  I read somewhere a quote that goes "6 packs are created in the kitchen" Since I work full time and will not necessarily have the time to prepare all the food I need, I will avail my self of the Nutrisystem diet. Having the prepared food ready when I need them is a big advantage, the food are portioned controlled, high in protein and the carbs contained on each servings are low in glycemic index. I will drink plenty of water throughout the day (at least 75 oz)

Update: October 18, 2007 - After a careful analysis of my Macronutrients intake breakdown, I realized that my carbohydrate intake (60 percent of total daily calories) is too much , I will need to bring it down to about 25 percent if I am going to achieve my goal of being shredded by week 15. Therefore, I am dropping the Nutrisystem diet  and replacing it with fresh food that I will prepare my self. My choices of  food will be high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Update: October 27, 2007 - HIIT is out. I will no longer do the HIIT, I will use the time allotted for HIIT in doing more weight lifting instead.

Update: November 04, 2007 - My new workout schedule will be 3 days on; 1 day off.

Update: November 25, 2007 - I added some pictures of  the meals. (Click on any of the Link to Weekly Diet and Workout Log) and the click on "The Meals" to see the pictures.

Update: December 14, 2007 - Check out my new Body Space site at

Update: December 24, 2007 - Check out the new random pictures along the way of the 6P40 Quest

Update: December 29 2007 -  ONLY 2 weeks left to the end of the 6P40 Quest. Tomorrow I start the final push to get as lean as possible. Eating  a low carbohydrate meals 6 times a day and a carb reload on the 18th meal. I am also eliminating the pre and post workout drinks because of their high carbohydrates content.

Supplementation - To help me recover from the brutal exercises my body will have to endure in the next 15 week, I will use supplements and sleep between 7 to 8 hours a night.

Helpful Links:

T-Nation – This is my workout bible

BSN - Supplementation

Nutrisystem - Prepared food

Bally’s Fitness Center - Gym

Bally’s Fitness Center

Omron - Body Fat Analyzer

Ask Men - Men's stuff

Vitamin Shoppe - Vitamins and health store

Trader Joe's - Specialty retail grocery store

Whole Foods - Natural and organic foods


Progress Report:

                  Week 1                                          Week 5                                        Week 10                                         Week 15

                Oct. 01, 07                                    Oct. 29, 07                                     Dec. 03, 07                                      Jan. 07, 08




OK here we go...

Start of Week 1 - October 01, 2007       

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Start of Week 2 - October 08, 2007

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Start of Week 3 - October 15, 2007


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Start of Week 4 - October 22, 2007

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Start of Week 5 - October 29, 2007

I did not lose 8 pounds in a week, the sudden decrease in my weight reading is the result of taking my measurements naked and after my morning wee-wee. I used to rely on the scale at the gym, I don't think it is accurate so I decided to get my own electronic bathroom scale.

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Start of Week 6 - November 05, 2007

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Start of Week 7 - November 12, 2007

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Start of Week 8 - November 19, 2007  (This is an ideal week - gaining more lean mass than fat mass). BF is kept at 8.1 % while gaining  1.84 lbs of lean mass and only 0.16 lbs of fat

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Start of Week 9 - November 26, 2007

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Start of Week 10 - December 03, 2007

Start of Week 11 - December 10, 2007

Start of Week 12 - December 17, 2007

Start of Week 13 - December 24, 2007

Start of Week 14 - December 31, 2007

Start of Week 15- January 07, 2008

Random Pictures: