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  Inception date: January 05, 2004


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             House Stuff - This section of www.garbes.us will contain information and pictures of house projects I've completed and currently working on. Contact me if you have any comments or questions regarding any of the projects below. al@garbes.us           

   My first renovations


     Before and After           The Renovation          Finish Pictures

          Pictures                       Process



  My First Flip:

  817 S. Columbus Ave. Glendale


    Purchase February 07       Before and After   

        Sold  May 2007      



  Previous House Projects



            Backyard                 Driveway

           Make-Over               Make-Over



     Front Yard Make Over       Bench Trellis



        Backyard Pergola        Ironing Board Closet to Spice Rack




  Window to French Door



 Merrill Avenue Duplex Rental Property