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I'm on the move.....

The reason for all the house pictures below? Well; I am house hunting. After seeing a number of potential properties to buy from day to day, I realized it can get very confusing at the end of the day to remember which house is which. For anyone who is house hunting, I highly recommend taking pictures of the properties you're checking out, it makes making a decision on which house to make offer a lot easier, just don't forget to ask for permission, specially on properties that are still occupied. After opening escrow twice and falling out on both for various reason, the hunt might finally be over. I decided on the house in Glendale. (1705 Orchard Ave.) We've opened escrow and expect to close at the end of June.



10309 Eldora Ave.  137 N. Oak Knoll Ave. 13      285 Flower Street         1705 Orchard Ave.                  

Sunland 91040                  Pasadena                Pasadena 91104             Glendale 91206

2 bed\1 Bath                   2 Bed\1.5 Bath           2.5 Bed\2 Bath               2 Bed\1 Bath

                                                                                                  plus a 1 Bed \1 Bath

                                                                                                      guest house


Looks like I'm going to be busy for while, the new house, actually I should say the old house I am buying needs some TLC. The house was built in 1927 and has gone through a lot of face lifts, and still needs a few more. Unfortunately most of the works done so far did not keep to the original design. The house in my opinion is a mixed between a California bungalow and Spanish revival colonial style house . My goal is to get it back the way it was intended to look like back in 1927. (House Styles by Jackie Craven Spanish Styles)


    Click the picture below to see the before pictures:

















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