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Hi there, welcome again to GARBES.US a website dedicated to my family and friends. The main purpose of this website is to share information, pictures and announcements to both family and friends. I'm Al, I'm the geek responsible for this site. Feel free to email me or comment about your visit. You can do this via the guestbook or email me at al@garbes.us


Puerto Rico - 07/09




Dad's USA Visit - 05/09



Costa Rica - Birthday Vacation - 01/09




New Years Eve Black Tie and Tiara Party


Christmas with family


Christmas with friends


Thanksgiving 2008


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2008 West Hollywood Carnaval

Al - AKA Mini Michael Phelps


Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

August 2008



Summer Fiesta 2008




My Muscle Revolution 2008. In January 11, 2008, I completed a workout program I coined 6P40  Quest.  A workout program I created for the sole purpose of achieving a 6 pack abs by the time I turn 40 years old. (January 18, 2008). This new program will build on the  success I made from the 6P40 program.  

Click on the link below for more information on this new workout program.

My Muscle Revolution 2008.


October  01, 2007

6P40 Quest - Click for  details


       Week 1                  Week 5                Week 10              Week 15

     Oct. 01, 07             Oct. 29, 07            Dec. 03, 07           Jan. 07, 08


April 2007

A childhood dream come true...A few decades in the making. It took me a few decades, but its' all worth the wait. As a child growing up in the Philippines, I remember flipping through pages of a magazine and seeing a picture of a Porsche for the first time. Since then, I've always dreamt of owning one.

2007 Porsche Cayman


Paris and Rome Vacation with Mom and Tito

Forum - Rome



Australian Vacation - April 2005


G'day mate, I am currently on vacation down under (April 13 - 23).

This vacation starts on a 14.5 hours flight to Melbourne. Stay for 4 nights in Melbourne then a quick flight to Sydney and stay there for 4 nights as well, then we we fly back to LA.


I will try to keep you posted with daily highlights and pictures while on this vacation. Come back from time to time to see what's new.


Melbourne - April 15 - 19


April 13 - late night  flight to Australia

April 14 - Cross the international date line

April 15

> Got familiar with the city layout.

> Buffalo sausage for lunch.

> Tomorrow we tour the Great Ocean Road


April 16

> 12 apostle's national park

> See Koala's in their natural habitat

> Visit and hike one of Australia's pacific rain forest


April 17

> Cross over to Philip island to watch the Penguin Parade

> Visited a kangaroo park

> Try a sampling of Australian wines



Sydney - April 19 - 23



April 19\20

> Sydney is lively city that rivals New York city

> Stroll along Darling harbour

> Tomorrow we take a 2 hour train ride to the Blue Mountains


April 21

> 1.5 hour train ride to Blue Mountains

> Hike different lookouts within the mountain

> Tomorrow we tour Sydney's most famous building - 

   The Opera House.


April 22

> Walk across Sydney's Harbor bridge

> Take a ferry ride for a better view of the Opera House

> Tonight we try out kangaroo meat for dinner.

> Tomorrow we fly back home :)


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Mammoth Mountain with friends

Marc, Ray and me





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     families - Philippine

     vacation (June 2005)














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